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Residential Electrician

Commercial Electrician

Commercial work usually centers on service, installation or maintenance works that needs to be done in corporate or office buildings. In terms of electrical work, this is in regards to any work that is connected to an electrician charge such as lighting, heating, running wire or conduits and much more.

A commercial electrician is an electrician worker who specifically works on business buildings. There are minute differences between residential and commercial electricians, but those differences are extremely important to making a building fiction completely as opposed to a family home.

New Installation


Electrical Contractor

In essence, an Electrical Contractor is a company or workplace where electricians work at, where the owner holds a C-10 license in order to bid and complete electrical-based construction projects. There are many different and important steps that need to be taken in order to become an electrical contractor. Not only do you need to pass the C-10 test to attain your license, but you must first complete your general electrician schooling in order to understand every aspect of the industry.

An electrician must first pass a series of classes and testing events in order to become an apprentice electrician then onto a journeyman electrician. After a minimum of four years as a journeyman have passed, an electrician is eligible to take the C-10 test to attain a contractor license with a few additional certifications and recommendations required.

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